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A Collaborative Resiliency Plan

Sullivan County is resilient. The County’s economic recovery after the pandemic, the result of collective efforts between citizens, institutions, businesses, and government, is a testament to that. However, Sullivan County can become even more resilient in more ways than one.


As the changing climate continues to strain the County’s natural environment, businesses, infrastructure, and vulnerable communities, there is a need for a holistic strategy to prepare for the future. It is important to consider all the possible definitions of “resiliency”, whether that means maintaining the trout population in the Upper Delaware River, having the right infrastructure to support businesses, work in affordable workforce housing, providing cooling resources to vulnerable populations as the summers get hotter, or simply being able to keep the lights on during a storm. That is why the Sullivan County Resiliency Plan is following a three-fold approach focusing on economy, environment, and social resiliency to ensure that all communities and priorities can be equitably uplifted.


Sullivan County is in the perfect position to embrace the opportunities that arise from evolving climate conditions as well as being well-prepared for challenges in the years to come. The Sullivan County Resiliency Plan will need guidance and collaboration with citizens to become a locally-informed action plan of long-term relevance. Please join us in this effort to future-proof Sullivan County!

Environmental Change in
Sullivan County


Planning Process

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