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Exploring Resiliency

Resilient Sullivan takes on a holistic approach by identifying and improving key systems and drivers that contribute to the County’s resiliency, through the perspectives of economy, community, and environment.

Economic Resiliency

Economic resiliency is the ability of the local economy to withstand disruptive events. Resiliency is not only the extent to which businesses are protected from environmental threats, but economic downturns as well. Diversity of jobs is the greatest boon to economic resilience.


Environmental Resiliency

Environmental resiliency responds to chronic environmental risks by supporting natural systems (forests, waterbodies, biodiversity) and enhancing the built environment (roads, electric grid, sewers) that are vital to the well-being and livelihoods of County citizens.

Community Resiliency

Community resiliency entails ensuring and improving residents’ access to critical resources and services that are challenged by changing weather patterns. Examples of critical services include food, emergency services, water supply, and employment.


Resilient Sullivan Podcast

Landscape Linkages


We will bring in subject matter experts to discuss the impact of gradual weather changes and extreme weather events on Sullivan County's economy, community, and ecology.

Stay tuned!
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