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Join us in planning a resilient future for Sullivan County! Click on the Digital Vision Wall tab to inform the resiliency vision and goals, and give us place-based feedback using the Interactive Mapping Tool.

Our Mission

The Sullivan County Resiliency Plan seeks to future-proof Sullivan County. The Resiliency Plan takes on a holistic approach in identifying and improving key systems and drivers that contribute to the County’s resiliency, through the perspectives of economy, community, and environment. Driven by a community visioning process, community resiliency focuses on strategies and decisions that accurately improve access to critical resources and services for all communities, especially those that are vulnerable. Economic resiliency entails planning for financial, social, and physical infrastructure while safeguarding from extreme weather events and changes, to ensure sustainable livelihood and opportunities for residents of Sullivan County. In an era of increasing extreme weather risks and vulnerabilities, environmental resiliency seeks to support natural systems and enhance man-made infrastructure that provide critical services and protect County citizens. Only by addressing resiliency through a comprehensive approach, is it possible to create pathways to establish and grow resilient systems for Sullivan County’s resilient future.

Join Us

Resilient Sullivan will need guidance and collaboration with residents to become a locally-informed action plan of long-term relevance. Please join us in this effort to future-proof Sullivan County!

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